Whatever your needs, we can help you with your training

Heitz System offers you training courses for optimal use of the software and the modules you have purchased for the management of your establishment.

We help you to improve the skills of your teams in sales, management and administrative/financial management. You can therefore choose the way in which you wish to carry out the training.

Review of the training department

1380 hours of HEITZ System training were covered by a training agreement in 2021. Some training courses were financed directly by an OPCO, while others benefited from reimbursement following the submission of their application.
+ 40 clients
+ 55 training sessions
+ 133 learners
+ 1380 hours
After a satisfaction survey at the end of the course we obtained a score of 9.3/10.

The mission

Themission of the HEITZ training centre is to train your teams to make optimal use of the Heitz software.
Our trainers, coming from the field, have a perfect knowledge and understanding of your expectations. Learning is thus oriented towards operational use and response to needs through distance learning, face-to-face training or e-learning.

The video and face-to-face training courses are constantly updated by our trainers to incorporate the many new features of the software.

You can choose how you want to do the training. Our teams are at your disposal to guide you. The content can be customised to suit the audience and your needs.

Heitz Systemtraining courses

vaficonFile 1elearning


From anywhere and at your own pace, train without constraints!

vaficonFile 2presential


100% personalised training according to your needs and the audience.
In your establishment or in our training centre in Sorgues (84)

vaficonFile 3distanciel

Synchronous DistanceLearning

100% customised training according to your needs and the audience.
No travel constraints, we connect to your base. This format is ideal for short sessions (2 to 3 hours) with a limited number of participants.

vaficonFile 4mixed

Blended Learning ( E-Learning & Classroom)

Recommended for needs requiring face-to-face training. Uses and practices are acquired through E-Learning. Face-to-face training guarantees a significant amount of time devoted to specific needs, exercises and validation of acquired knowledge.

vaficonFile 5spoc


Small Private Online Course A SPOC is an interactive online course with a limited number of participants. Focused on practical application and on exchanges with the trainer, these courses enable the development of skills, which are valued by a certificate of achievement.

SPOCs have a start and end date, different modules and regular learning assessments.

The trainer is at the heart of the system with the learners. The Live Workshop meetings and regular exchanges via the discussion area avoid the isolation and discouragement of traditional e-learning, while retaining the advantages of learning at your own pace, when you want, where you want.
The trainer monitors the progress of each learner and can intervene and interact if any blockages are identified.

QUALIOPI certification

Since 13 April 2022, the Heitz System training centre has been QUALIOPI certified !

This certification attests that the quality of the process implemented in our catalogue of courses on the use of the software best meets your expectations in training your teams.

Thanks to this certification, the only quality label recognised at national level, companies benefit from financial support from public or mutual funds. This certificate makes it easier for our clients to access our training courses, regardless of the size of their structure, and to train their employees more easily and efficiently, whatever their level and functions.

The quality certification has been issued for the following category of action TRAINING ACTIONS

Content for everyone

Sales people, receptionists, coaches, personal trainers, operational managers, administrative staff, directors or managers, we have training courses adapted to all fitness and leisure professions, at all levels of expertise.

Whatever your needs, we can help you.

  • Development of sales, additional sales, customer loyalty
  • Motivation, loyalty, time management, skills development and staff follow-up
  • Adaptation of trade policy
  • Management of the operating account, follow-up of customer payments, daily administrative management
  • Productivity gains through mastery of Heitz System solutions and tools

Choose the training that suits you, face-to-face, distance learning, mixed? Consult our training catalogue:


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