đź’ˇLe saviez-vous ? Comment optimiser vos espaces ?

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đź’ˇLe saviez-vous ? Comment optimiser vos espaces ?

Make your spaces profitable by optimizing your occupancy rate 


The Heitz System solution allows you to automatically calculate the occupancy rate of your rooms and offers you the possibility to know the occupancy rate of the course schedule by sports trainers.

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Make your spaces profitable

Make your spaces profitable by aiming for a 100% occupancy rate thanks to the automatic calculation. 



Adapt the compensation policy to motivate your teams to achieve maximum occupancy. 


Compliant schedules

Control the performance of your sports trainers by optimizing the planning of your employees.

3 tips to fill your classrooms

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Communicate the schedule of activities regularly.
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Encourage athletic trainers to motivate their students to participate in upcoming classes.
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Offer activities adapted to the level and availability of your members.
« Tendre vers un taux d’occupation de 100% des espaces d’activité permet de maximiser la rentabilité de votre établissement !🚀 »
Stéphanie Dorion

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