A point of sale like in a fast food restaurant!

Sales terminal Heitz system 2018

A point of sale like in a fast food restaurant!

Heitz brought out the first kiosk for leisure and fitness centres 20 years ago. A sort of mini revolution welcomed with open arms! After years of research and development, it was in 2004 that the new version appeared, with design and ergonomics as its main focus of development. This terminal is a major asset for the centres that own it.


The solution to the free access craze

Faced with the multiplicity of self-service centres open 7 days a week and extended time slots, digital players have had to develop tools to facilitate their management. This is why Heitz has imagined innovative solutions such as: the interactive terminal, mobile applications and of course, the famous sales terminal.

The sales terminal saves time and significantly increases sales. Without forgetting to make the users autonomous, thus leaving more time for the reception staff. 

heitz point of sale

But then, what is the difference between the interactive terminal and the sales terminal?

The two terminals, which look very different, are not used for the same purpose. While the interactive terminal allows members to consult their physical balance sheet and to launch a video on demand course, the sales terminal will allow them to : 

1) reload their membership card (shower and drinks credit, subscription renewal,...)

2) pay directly via the terminal by credit card (with receipt, please!)

3) to buy sessions (aqua bike, tennis ...) which will issue a ticket with a QR code.

4) buy a new subscription with a membership card right out of the terminal

Aesthetically speaking, this kiosk has nothing to envy to the one you'll find in your favourite fast food restaurant. The XXL touch screen and sleek look integrates easily into the centres.


PS: it hangs on the wall. 


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